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Outdoor Intelligence is a collaboration of independent Mountain Leaders and Instructors, all mountain enthusiasts who engage in a variety of pursuits and share their knowledge and experience through training, and good days out.  The 'Information" page holds profiles and further information about training and experiences we offer.

Whether walking, climbing, running or paddling inshore waters; whether sun, wind, rain, or snow, the outdoors offers more opportunities for fun than you might imagine. 

This site provides a platform to further share this Outdoor Intelligence to assist others to gather the necessary knowledge to improve their own outdoor experiences.

Through the tip of the week, a regular activity blog or shared Tweets, there will be information and advice there to take, leave or laugh at.

If you are looking for a Mountain Instructor for scrambling or climbing; or a Mountain Leader for a guided walk, or hill skills training, please contact us at info@outdoorintelligence.co.uk

Also find us at outdoorintelligence.wordpress.com

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Looking back 

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When walking on an unfamiliar route, take the opportunity to look back at where you’ve been. This gives a change of perspective which can assist in identifying the key features to help successfully navigate a return leg, particularly in the event of a decrease in visibility. This activity is nice and discrete when with a group and offers an opportunity to take in a view that may otherwise be missed.

Identifying key features such as a distinctive knoll or stream bend, or even noticing a rock in a particularly unusual shape can support core navigational skills such as walking on a bearing or handrailing. This can be very helpful when the cloud drops or heavy rain reduces visibility. So, looking back occasionally can assist when moving forward.